Saturday, April 6, 2013

Paper Making!

Amidst all this traveling, dancing, cooking, writing, walking through the city, and Sapnish-speaking, I have also been taking classes!  Among them are Comparative Human Rights, Sculpture in Ceramics, Regional Politics of Latin America, and "Paper as a Means of Expression."  The Paper-Making class is especially fun and definitely up my alley!  We started with recycled paper and in a few weeks will go on to extracting plant fibers to make paper.  Here are some images of the process!

My teacher's paper samples from all over the world! Petals, silk threads, bamboo, etc.

Making the frames and screens for straining the pulp

preparing the pulp from recycled paper - it smells!

Mixing the pulp

transferring from screen to table

One of my classmate's work

I used some blue dye

Puerh Paper! I put Chinese tea in this one

Some of my beautiful dyed paper waiting to dry

My finished sheets from last week

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