Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bringing Cooperativity South

Because I miss communal dinners at the Berkeley Co-ops, I organized a house dinner at my 15 person group house here!  It's been a very big change cooking just for one, and because groceries are expensive, people don't share too much.  But this week and last week we had a team of 4-5 cooks buy and make great dinners.  The people who didn't cook paid about $3 for the ingredients.

Making Gazpacho - Florion and Belen

The First Dinner

At the first dinner we had a fresh guacamole, chicken-peanut stew with rice, home fries, Spanish gazpacho, and a French-style vegan apple crumble.  It was a huge success and people wanted to do it again.


This week we had the most delicious lasagna I have ever tasted, made by Anne from France.  It included a home-made cream sauce, which was probably the key to its perfection.  I made a fresh salad with sprouts, sunflower seeds, and a honey-tahini-lemon dressing.  We had fresh salsa and guac, then a strawberry tart for dessert!

The crew this week!

If anything, it's so fun to learn how everyone else in my house cooks!

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