Saturday, April 13, 2013

21st Birthday Extravaganza

We ate! We drank! We danced the Wednesday night away!

I had a wonderful potluck and party on the eve of my birthday with my international housemates, schoolmates from California, visitors and other Chilean friends from Patagonia/elsewhere!  My Spanish housemate Belen made tortilla Española as an appetizer, other housemates made me a piña con vino (seen below in the photos) and other cocktails, Julie made a French almond-pear cake, others made guacamole and empanadas, and many guests brought desserts like apple crumble, nutella rice crispy bars, and fresh fruit!  It was indulgent and divine to say the least.  I felt so loved and surrounded by new friends from all over the world - definitely everything I could have expected for a birthday celebration! Thanks to all who came and made it so fun.

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