Sunday, May 5, 2013

Siete Tazas (the Seven Teacups)

Siete Tazas Park in Central Chile was my camping destination this last weekend in April.  It was a weekend full of hitch hiking, chocolate, going with the flow, walking on crunchy leaves, skinny dipping, and genuine small town charm.  The Siete Tazas, or Seven Teacups, are pools formed in the rock along a river.  There are seven consecutive pools, and the water flows from one to the other with little waterfalls in between.  Magnificent!

The four of us bussed down to a small town called Molina to enter the park.  There aren't many busses into the cordillera during the offseason here (we are approaching winter), so we couldn't go until the next morning.  A local guy named Miguel offered to let us camp in his yard.  We were able to cook there, munch on the figs from his fig tree, and even had a little party and campfire with his friends.  It was amazing how we were so easily taken in by nice people. 

Hitching a ride

We climbed down into a pool to swim

Fall camping!

In Chile, you can always find four-legged companions.

In a pick up truck on the way home

I wrote a quick poem about our journey while camping:

Caminar, ajustar
por el camino de tierra
la promesa de las siete tazas
soplando por la cordillera.

A pie y con el dedo,
fuimos en un camión gigantesco
lentamente, por el campo,
observando hoja por hoja
la llegada del otoño fresco.

Encontramos una camioneta roja
y como en una carrera,
subimos por el bosque vivo.

Un encuentro con el vidrio frío
del río
nos hizo sentir presente,
las cuatro adentro de la taza potente. 

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