Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chile Contra Monsanto

On Saturday, there were international Marchas Against Monsanto in hundreds of cities!  The one in Santiago was relatively small (especially compared to student marches here), but powerful.  It was great to get out there and talk to people about all the issues related to GMOs.  I was reminded just how MANY issues there are.  People I talked to seem to say that the awareness of Monsanto in Chile is growing, and I think we contributed to it.

(Monsanto, if you are so proud of your products, why don't you label their ingredients?)

At marches, I love deciphering the chants and slogans in Spanish:

"Fuera de Chile, Colombia y Argentina,
Fuera, Monsanto, de América Latina!"

"Viverá, Viverá,
la semilla original!"

"Monsanto, Piñera:
la misma billetera!"

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