Sunday, February 3, 2013

Santiago's Public Space

This weekend I explored Santiago like crazy! I went all around the center, to some swanky neighborhoods, and to some more alternative up-and-coming areas.  The main thing I noticed is that Santiago has beautiful public space: parks, pedestrian boulevards, plazas, museums. At so many moments, I felt like I could have been in Barcelona or Italia.  Although it's unbearable hot here, it was still nice to walk around the city.

At a play near my house in Nuñoa, where the actors did a strip dance and got completely naked at a free public event.

Barrio Yungay

Paddle boats at Quinta Normal!

Museum of Natural History

Extensive public park Quinta Normal

Quinta Normal

Quinta Normal

Museum of science and art for kids

Centro de Santiago

Centro de Santiago, old meets new

La Vega fish market

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