Tuesday, February 5, 2013

La Moneda - Chile's White House

Today I got to go on a tour of La Moneda, the Presidential Palace in Santiago!  It is in central Santiago, surrounded by tall burly guards in white uniforms and riding boots.  We got to see novelty stuff like the press room where the president gives speeches, one of the meeting rooms for Chile's leaders, and the palace's Chapel, with a stool in a case that the Pope prayed on at some point.

The group, at the presidential podium

La Moneda palace

A lamp from Spain that is more than 180 years old, and a painting of Pedro de Valdivia, the Spanish conquistador that established Santiago in the 1500s

These are the renovated offices that were bombed by Pinochet during the coup of 1973.  Allende was in these offices and this is where he died (killed himself).

These are the presidential coins in the palace, honoring each president in order since the beginning of Chile's history - Curiously, Pinochet is excluded.  It's controversial and I learned that it is probable that he will soon be added.

A visit to Barrio Lastarria in the afternoon

Chile has DC pride, too!


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