Monday, March 25, 2013


Santiago just hosted an amazing film festival called FemCine - a collection of documentaries, films, and shorts that relate to women.  The films were produced/directed by women, made for women, or about women's issues.  The festival was created in 2010 by a group of women who were concerned about the portrayal of women on film.  Since they consider film to be an important aspect of social and societal development, they decided to use it as a positive tool in an otherwise machista culture.  I took advantage of the festival and went to three events!  Everything was free of charge!


The first film I saw is called Circumstance.  It was in the Canne Film Festival and I absolutely recommend seeing it.  It is made in the US, but set in Iran.  It tells the story of two young lesbians living under the repressive regime there.  Circumstance reminded me a lot of No One Knows About Persian Cats (which I saw at the DC International Film Fest) and Persepolis. Everyone should see these three movies!

On Saturday I saw Sibila, a Chilean documentary about a woman who rediscovers her aunt's history.  Her aunt was part of Sendero Luminoso, or Shining Path, in Peru.  After 15 years of imprisonment she talks to her aunt about her political life.  It made me a lot more curious about the politics of Sendero Luminoso. 

Lastly, I saw a series of shorts from Brazil!  I love shorts because, when made well, they are lovely snippets of a story that leave you curious about the subject matter. If they aren't done well, at least they aren't two hours long.

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