Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Beginning of an Adventure

Hello all, friends and family!  Here I'll be posting about my observations, stories, experiences, friendships, qualms, travels, and much more while I'm in Chile for the next seven months!

I am studying abroad through the University of California Berkeley.  My program is really exciting, and has a few components.  When I first arrived I was received by a host family that I will stay with for about 4 weeks (more on that later!).  After an orientation with the very dedicated staff at Chile's very own UC study center, I will start a 3 week ILP, Intensive Language Program.  We start tomorrow, and I am looking forward to a lot of information on Chilenismos (Chilean slang), culture, history, as well as more Spanish readings and writing practice to get me back in the groove with my Spanish.  After that, I have 2 and a half weeks off, during which I plan to go to Patagonia and perhaps regions of central Chile!  More on that later as well!  Finally, the Chilean fall semester starts in March and goes through the beginning of July.  I will be able to take classes, do an internship, and more, all of which I am still figuring out.  Very exciting!

I feel so lucky to be able to travel like this, to enjoy an academic experience in Latin America, to be received so well in Santiago thus far, and to have lovely people at home who supported me and let me go.  Thanks to all on all ends, and I hope to keep you informed of my life down here!  Please feel free to contact me at or write comments on the blog.

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